About Us

Hong Kong Cannery

is the first local brewery that specialises in one-stop craft beverage production services in small to medium quantities at a competitive pricing, so anyone can experience the fun of owning their unique drinks. Whether you are a F&B brand looking to expand into the Ready-to-drink market or experimenting a new product, an event planner/caterer finding the right drinks to pair your clients’ events, or simply want to create a private-labeled drink as souvenirs for your special occasions, we are here to help. We do CRAFT IN A CAN.

Our Services:

  • Recipe Development
  • Brewing
  • Canning & Packaging
  • Nutrition Label Consultation
  • Label Design and Printing
  • Event Support

Our Clients (Partial)

The Brewery

The Brewery

The Brewhouse

To deliver quality always, we take hygiene and quality control seriously. We strictly comply with Food and Environmental Hygiene Department regulations and code of practice with reference to international food safety management standards.

The Canning Line

Our highly automated canning line is paramount in preserving drinks quality (and incredibly cool to look at).

Freshness. It can significantly minimize the liquid’s air contact to achieve a better preservation result with longer product shelf life.

Quality Assurance. The elimination of manual operations reduces any contamination risk during the canning process to make sure the beverage tastes exactly as it should.

Economical. It is also more efficient by providing a more accurate filling and seaming that accounts for less liquid loss.

Flexible. Not to mention its top operation speed, churning up to 25 cans/ minute, which means 1500 cans/ hour! The shortened production lead time means we have more flexibility in handling your urgent orders.

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